360° approach

When you buy a Streetwize product you create new opportunities for

  • Yourself

    Challenge yourself and a more happy Streetwize person.

  • Your company

    Develop positive and authentic (self)leadership with an opportunity focused mindset, pro-active, creative & entrepreneurial attitudes and skills.

  • Street kids in more than 20 countries

    Have direct impact on the thousands of street kids in the Mobile School network.

360° impact model

How does the 360° impact model work?

  1. The profits made on the invoices paid by our clients are invested in the Mobile School for street kids. As well the tools designed in programs and expedition are proposed to the Mobile School R&D team.
  2. Mobile School invests in sustainable growth of street kids through non-formal education projects.
  3. The attitudes, competencies and stories of the kids inspire us to create new effective programs and products for the Streetwize clients.
  4. Streetwize sells its programs and products to businesses and organizations helping them to turn their human resources into happy Streetwize people.

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