Streetwize Training partners

Streetwize has put together a team of atypical – though highly professional – trainers, facilitators and consultants. They have a wide range of experience working with different target groups in business: from executives, promising new talent, to employees on the work floor. They also share a fascination for the vibes and inspiration of the street culture. All participate in Mobile School projects and have international experience in creating and delivering learning processes with street kids and youth. The unique combination of business and street experience results in a team of change makers that develops sustainable processes for business and society.

Streetwize trainers, as real experience experts, provide a scientific foundation to the project: they help you accomplish your personal learning goals and transfer these to your professional work.

  • Arnoud Raskin
    Arnaud Raskin

    Business experience: Inspiration and Motivation, Creativity, Innovation, CSR 360°impact
    Street experience in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chili, (Roumania) Romania, (Kenia) Kenya

  • Ann Van Hellemont
    Ann Van Hellemont

    Business experience: Psychology, Interculturality, Coaching
    Street experience in The Philippines, Cambodia, Kenya, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Poland, Greece and Germany

  • Thomas Geusens
    Thomas Geusens

    Business experience: Customer orientation, Agility, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.
    Street experience in DR Congo, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Roumania & Kourdistan

  • Bram Doolaege
    Bram Doolaege

    Business experience: Communication, Leadership, Change, Rational decision taking and influencing.
    Street experience in Guatemala

  • Dorien De Vidts
    Dorien De Vidts

    Business experience: Communication, Personal Leadership and Well-being.
    Street experience in Albania

  • Hunter Tanous
    Hunter Tanous

    Business Experience: Social Enterprise, Franchising, Cross Cultural Communication and Business Development.  
    Street Experience in Guatemala, Romania, Jordan and Kenya. 

  • Veerle Pappaert
    Veerle  Pappaert

    Business Experience: Communication, change, personal development and New Ways of Working. Street Experience in Kenya. 

  • Bart Van Bambost
    Bart Van Bambost

    Business experience: Entrepreneurship, Impact Leadership, Individual & Team Coaching, Change, Business Development, CSR
    Street experience in Uganda, Indonesia, South Africa and Romania