Streetwize programmes are exceptional learning formats in many ways. We understand that you do not simply want training. You want an intense learning experience. The existing routines and patterns of your employees need to be challenged and viewed from an entirely new perspective. In everything we do, the link between social and business entrepreneurship creates a unique learning environment for entrepreneurs, leaders and talented personnel of innovative companies. Book your 360° impact learning experience. We guarantee the impact.

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  • Experience

    Experience is fundamental to a sustainable learning programme. Streetwize always starts from experience: by telling the story of our educational work with homeless kids on the streets of the world, by showing our self-produced documentaries of people with inspiring street skills, or by organising a real experience on the streets. We believe that your employees learn most sustainably when doing real stuff that really matters. We create the context needed to involve them deeply in the programme. They experience and shift their own paradigms, in a hands-on environment.

  • Insights

    You yourself must make the choice to become 'Streetwize'. You must decide to shift to a new way of thinking during a moment of positive inspiration. But to start the process, this motivation needs the support of evidence-based tools and methodologies. You will need these instruments to implement your new thoughts into your daily behaviour. A Streetwize programme gives you these insights, tools and methodologies.

  • Reality

    That everything will go smooth after that is an illusion. That it will go step-by-step is the reality. By being confronted with your daily job, experimenting, having succes and/or failure. That asks for persistance. Streetwize will give the first spark and prepares you for this reality.