Keynote by Arnoud Raskin
This keynote is the perfect link to the story, inspiration and findings of Arnoud Raskins' book, STREETWIZE. 
Today's business world is in constant change. We hear everyday about how quickly the business world is transforming itself. This is seen by many as a threat. But if we are to see it as an opportunity, what do we have to do?
We are StreetwiZe say that in order to survive in todays constantly changing world, you need StreetwiZe people. StreetwiZe people are those who use the four Street Skills that we have identified through our work with Street Children around the world. These skills are Positive Focus, Agility & Resilience, Cooperative Competition and Proactive Creativity. 
Throughout the keynote Arnoud will inspire the audience with his personal journey, stories of street youth and the possibilities to create a positive impact that are out there. Creating both social as well as financial value, being hybrid, is a concept that has a huge potential to create positive change. The Keynote includes  great video footage and stories from the street youth. The participants will leave feeling inspired and with new ideas on how to create socially responsible value and impact. 



The Future of Business: Shared Value

Keynote given by Arnoud
As a social entrepreneur, Arnoud has had first hand experience with the organizations and models that make up both the social and private sectors. He has seen the advantages, as well as disadvantages of these one pillar models and argues that a hybrid approach, holding both social impact and financial return on an equal level, holds tremendous opportunities for business and society.
In this Keynote Arnoud explains what it means to be hybrid and gives tangible examples of how your company can take steps in that direction. Arnoud will give examples of the concrete financial and social benefits of being hybrid and will talk about his own story of developing a hybrid model with StreetwiZe-Mobile School.


Impact Leadership in a rapidly changing world

Keynote given by Bart van Bambost
Momentum on its own does not lead to success, leadership is required to create value and purpose from the high speed of business today. Yet many are challenged by the fact that the competencies, attitudes and skills needed to be a leader today look nothing like they did ten years ago. We have witnessed how successful business leaders have moved away from process and structure, towards fluidity, innovation and purpose. Networks have replaced hierarchies and authority is not rested in titles. Leaders face more challenges than ever and must be prepared to succeed in the ever changing environments around them. 
Bart Van Bambost successfully founded and sold his own company, has had several leadership roles in Europe Emerging Markets for Nike and Danone and now holds a leadership role in a fast growing social enterprise. Leadership is not what it used to be.