The Mobile School story

Arnoud Raskin’s creation – the Mobile School – emerged as a blend of his knowledge in multiple areas. He connected the dots. After graduating with a Master’s in Industrial Design, and a Master’s in Cultures and Development Studies, he travelled through Latin America. During this trip, he was deeply moved by the experiences he encountered on the streets. They inspired him to develop the “Mobile School”, a mobile educational instrument to bring alternative learning methods to the street kids.

In his keynote, he connects 15 years of experience on the streets with current business trends, and translates this into an unconventional vision on talent development in companies.

KeynoteKeynote by Mobile School / Streetwize founder Arnoud Raskin

The Mobile School story is one of a product designer who became a social entrepreneur. With his keynote speech, Arnoud has won over the hearts of entrepreneurs, executive leaders, managers and talented individuals in many companies and at diverse international forums such like TEDx, Ashoka… A story of sustainable development, thinking out-of-the-box, entrepreneurship, motivation and 360° impact.

In 1996, while completing a Master’s in Product Design, Arnoud developed the first prototype mobile educational unit for street children. 6 years later, together with a likeminded student he met while studying 'Cultures and Development Studies’ at the University, he established the Mobile School foundation. Mobile School proved to be a success and was rolled out in more than 20 countries throughout the world. In 1997, Arnoud started a new venture called 'Streetwize'. The plan was to make the Mobile School project self-sustaining in a hybrid business model. Arnoud’s innovative work led to his selection as an Ashoka fellow.

Arnoud connects his 15 years of experience of being a social and business entrepreneur to today's greatest business challenges. His story has inspired countless managers to become more entrepreneurial. He underscores the importance of following your heart, connecting with your passion and talents, being persistent and consistent, and focusing on opportunities. He has inspired top managers to become authentic and humble leaders to their followers.