Street skills assessments

A quick search on Google shows that the Streetwize themes of creativity, unity, positivity and agility are more relevant than ever. The drawback of popular topics is that they often are interpreted intuitively and too quickly, based on the urge to be a part of the latest fad. This leads to a hollowing out of precisely those skills that are so important to succeed in times of crisis.

With each session, we offer a Streetwize assessment to measure the street skills of the participants. The evidence-based assessment – developed in close cooperation with the Ghent University – will measure the capacity to:

  • Focus on opportunities in all situations
  • Act proactively and creatively
  • Be agile and resilient
  • Close ranks within a team that is at risk or in crisis

Participants will receive concrete tips and tricks for future development.

Hence Streetwize opts for an ‘Evidence Based Management’ approach, with good foundations and applicability at its centre. As is the case with our work with street children, we wish to also obtain sustainable results in a business context. For this reason, we have developed an assessment tool in partnership with the Ghent University, and Prof. Frederik Anseel and Bernd Carette in particular. This assessment tool makes it possible for organisations and individuals to quickly gain an overview of the Streetwize themes of creativity, unity, positivity and agility.

Moreover, the tool also makes well-founded and practical suggestions on how to implement the themes. Thus Streetwize builds a bridge between insights and your business results. Because when resources are scarce, you want to use them efficiently!