Change management

Motivating employees to change is a tremendous challenge. Today's employees experience more change than ever, at an increasingly rapid pace. It is a natural reflex for them to look for stability, self-protection and safety in such turbulent times.

Change managementTrainees building their own hotel during a Streetsleep 360°impact expedition

Streetwize teams have the courage to look beyond the immediate surroundings and conduct a reality check with the broader environment in which they operate. They are agile and willing to adopt new ways to achieve success. But this agility requires a great deal of energy.  Which in turn demands an open, constructive and authentic culture in order to create the necessary psychological safety in which people can work. Streetwize teams stick together when the going gets tough.

Streetwize strongly believes that within a few years, change management will no longer be viewed as a specific topic. Dealing with and implementing change, and stimulating others to change, will be essential components of everyone’s personal and professional skillset. Which is why we strongly believe in the need to focus on 3 core topics:

  • The ability to formulate positive change goals:  to focus on opportunities while leading a change process
  • The ability to understand and detect the rational and emotional drivers that are essential to a specific change process
  • The development of a no-nonsense, practical strategy to make change happen

Facts & figures

  • 92% of organisations have been or are faced with change
  • 78% of managers suffer from work-related stress
  • 46% of managers/organisations experience increasing conflict at work
  • 35% of organisations have experienced the need to downsize
  • 25% of employees have lost their faith in management
  • 47% of employees have lost their faith in HR