In times of change, individuals seek stability (self-protection) while the changing context demands innovation (self-development). Sustainable companies understand that the  solution lies in corporate development. Such companies develop new processes, explore new markets, expand internationally by means of acquisitions and partnerships, and continually search for new products and services.

Innovation - HemaBrainstorm during Hema teamday

It is a natural reflex for employees to seek stability, self-protection and safety in these turbulent times. Yet companies need just the opposite: they need employees who are pro-active and who take ownership, in order to actively contribute to a bottom up culture of innovation. In addition to a strategy of corporate development, the crucial challenge in these situations is to shift a company’s HR strategy from self-protection to self-development.

To this end, companies need to stimulate a creative culture and a suitable attitude and thinking skills on the part of employees. To do so, they must let go of and move beyond traditional thinking and habits. An open, creative and out-of-the-box environment can create opportunities and encourage your people to think laterally... And Streetwize can help you create such an environment.

Key topics:

  • The place of a creative culture in an organisation
  • Unlearning and shifting paradigms
  • Creative thinking processes
  • The innovation process: From idea to implementation

Facts & figures

  • 92% of organisations have been or are faced with change
  • 78% of managers suffer from work-related stress
  • 46% of managers/organisations experience increasing conflict at work
  • 35% of organisations have experienced the need to downsize
  • 25% of employees have lost their faith in management
  • 47% of employees have lost their faith in HR