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How we work


Who we are

StreetwiZe is a talent development company. We take an impact driven approach to talent and leadership development in businesses. We harness skills from the streets to create lasting, impactful change in your people and organization.

Street youth form the inspiration and foundation of our work. Our starting point is learning from the boys and girls who survive in rapidly changing environments, with constant disruption, high competition, and scarce resources. The lessons street youth can teach will change the way you view your market, react to difficult situations, work with your team, and convey your message to the world!

Our other half, Mobile School, focuses on the empowerment of street youth through boosting self-esteem and training street workers to achieve global impact.

StreetwiZe invests 100% of its profits into Mobile School, co-creates educational material that is used on the streets, and relentlessly focuses on improving the social impact of Mobile School.

How we work

Street Skills Model

The Street Skills Model based on the strengths of street children.


All StreetwiZe interventions are based on the street skills model.

Surviving the streets is an achievement. During our work on the streets, spanning 16 years and 22 countries, we have come to know many extraordinary youths. We have found and interacted with those boys and girls who make the impossible possible, despite their situation.

Over the years, street youth consistently inspired us with their stories and experiences. In examining these stories we began to see a pattern: the street youth we dealt with all had a highly developed and very specific set of skills – what we call the four street skills.

What we found was that there are four crucial skills that street youth use in dealing with challenges in a constantly changing and uncertain environment.




StreetwiZe uses a unique approach to Learning & Development that separates it from the rest. Our methodology is core to who we are and is present in every StreetwiZe intervention.

Purpose Driven: Purpose is at the core of who we are and we put it at the core of our work with you. Purpose creates drive, energy, and action. We work to improve the lives of street kids around the world and by investing in your team and developing a strong workforce for your organization, you are doing the same.

Evidenced-Based: Don’t take our word for it. Our experience on the streets is the foundation of our work but we have also combined that with academic research from leading universities and solid business experience. The StreetwiZe methodology is based on purpose driven experiential learning with an evidence-based backbone.

Impactful: There is no denying that real life experiences have a much bigger impact on the development of successful leaders. Purpose driven, experiential learning is what we offer. The impact on your team will be noticeable, powerful, and will get you moving in the right direction.

Authentic: We don’t just talk about the streets, we bring them to you. Whether it is physical interaction with the streets in our experience-based programs or through video stories from the streets, we make sure that our learning isn’t theoretical but is action oriented and hands on.  


360° Impact Model


If our methodology describes how we act, the 360° Impact Model is who we are. StreetwiZe and Mobile School are not two separate organizations, they are one. The following model describes our way of working and how we ensure our authenticity and connection to the mission.

360°impact model


  1. The revenue generated by StreetwiZe is invested in the work of Mobile School. The tools designed in programs and expeditions are used by Mobile School on streets around the world.
  2. Mobile School invests in sustainable growth of street kids through non-formal education projects.
  3. The attitudes, competencies, and stories of the kids at the mobile school inspire and form the foundation for the programs and products offered to StreetwiZe clients.
  4. StreetwiZe sells its programs and products to businesses and organisations.