Colruyt Group combines leadership development with supporting street children

Posted on 30-06-2014

On May 19th, a diverse team from Colruyt Group embarked on an impact driven learning experience. They participated in the multi-day Leadership Expedition in Iasi, Romania, led by StreetwiZe Managing Partner Bart Van Bambost and Founder Arnoud Raskin. 

“The theory is brought back to the essence and really sticks through the experience.” Eric Vanbiervliet - Domain Responsible Values - Colruytgroup

During this expedition participants reconnected with their personal and company goals and values, as well as mastered the Mobile School self esteem concept, all while going far beyond their comfort zone. 
They began the expedition with three objectives; develop their team and personal leadership capacity, push boundaries to strengthen and discover their real team dynamics and to explore, create and test educational games that would have a positive impact on street youth around the world. 

Participants pitch the concept of the educational game they have developed.

The group succeeded fantastically! They went through an unforgettable learning experience, they became stronger and more effective as a team, and they created educational material that will be used by thousands of street kids around the world. This is the win-win-win situation that StreetwiZe creates in all of its programs, are you ready for yours?

For more information about the Leadership Expedition click here. 

Together with the street children after testing the games.

“You experience the program from inside as participator and not as a spectator, It was a wonderful once in a lifetime experience.” Pascal Putzys - Head of Logistics, Solucious Colruyt Group