StreetwiZe book

Posted on 08-04-2014

'StreetwiZe' book available 

Arnoud Raskin has been working with Mobile School for the last 15 years with street children in slums around the world. This experience has opened his eyes to the enormous potential of street children and helped him see that the skills these kids use everyday to survive could serve as a valuable source of inspiration for managers working in competitive environments. It was from this idea that ‘StreetwiZe’ was founded; based on a useable model that takes the insights and skills of the street and transfers them to the businesses of tomorrow. Leaders of the future will be based upon the strength of individuals, they will inspire and in doing so develop the talent of their people. 
When Arnoud wrote the book, he put it together so that when the managers and entrepreneurs set their book on the coffee table at home, they would be risking that their partners, friends and even children would run off with it!
This book is about management and entrepreneurship, but it also about you and me.
“StreetwiZe not only shows us how we can better deal with the challenges of the world today, he also provides us with the building blocks for a better world.”
Kurt Peleman 
CEO European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)
“For years I’ve researched how people can take their career in their own hands, and how organizations could find the strength in their people. Nice, isolated findings that no one paid much attention to.  And then all of the sudden a man like Arnoud Raskin comes along with the StreetwiZe story. For me as a scientist, it’s fantastic to see how the theories and the results are brought together in one philosophy.  
Frederik Anseel 
Professor labor psychologist, University of Ghent
“What happens if you create an environment where people can go beyond themselves, building up their self-esteem? 
Letting go of what has made us successful and cultivating a culture where every employee is stimulated to develop their street skills is how we are transforming logistics within Nike; with great results and StreetwiZe as inspiration. Read and get going! 
Luc Hooybergs 
Director European Customer Operations with Nike EMEA
The book is published by Lannoo Campus in Belgium and by Academic Service in the Netherlands. Only available in Dutch. Purchase the book here.