Streetwize goes Harvard

Posted on 10-11-2013

StreetwiZe founder, Arnoud Raskin was one of the 3 keynote speakers at the The Igniting Innovation Summit on Social Entrepreneurship at the Harvard University. The summit is the largest undergraduate-run conference on social innovation in the Northeastern United States. The conference unites students, academics, and leaders in the field who are passionate about developing innovative solutions to today's most pressing problems. Over the past three years, the Summit has grown from a small-scale initiative of Harvard students to a nationally recognized forum for social change.

2 weeks earlier Arnoud gave a keynote for a crowd of over 10.000 people at FIIS, the social innovation conference in Santiago de Chile.
We are proud to get international recognition for our hybrid business model: the for profit Streetwize investing all it's profits in the street children education of mobile school.
It encourages us to keep on working and realize our dream:
Deliver excellence for the StreetwiZe clients.
And making the world a better place by investing in opportunities for street kids.
Arnaud Raskin to speak at Harvard