Testing of proto-types and follow up video consultants in Central-America

Posted on 29-05-2012

Last May, Marion Pelletier and Arnoud Raskin travelled to Central America to do some Streetwize follow up work. They travelled heavy packed because of bringing all the educational games and methodology prototypes that were developed by Streetwize clients during the programs and expeditions of last year.

All the prototypes were tested by a group of street youth in cooperation with the organisation Mojoca. Very valuable feedback was given by the kids. A second feedback came from experienced street educators that will have to bring these materials to the street and facilitate the kids in the learning process.

We are happy to announce that the majority of the tools survived the test and will be standardised in the Mobile School curriculum. We are proud to prove that our clients have a true role in the sustainable 360° Impact model offering new learning materials and strategies to the street kids.

Our team had a second topic on their list. They had follow up some of our street experts. Elsa (La Guerrera), Luis (the power of passion), Roberto (Flama) and the community of Santa Elena 2 (La Carnada) were visited. All of them received their share in the Streetwize profits and got some coaching on the investment plan we've made with them. They are all doing well, happy with the money they earned but as well amazingly proud of the impact they generate on their ex fellow street kids all over the world.

Streetwize prototypes
The critical jury testing the prototypes. Thanks to Mojoca for cooperating.

Tonito / Elsa