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Action workshops

StreetwiZe workshops are of the highly interactive kind, a learning experience where you get to discover how to combine skills and lessons from the street in order to tackle your challenges. Every workshop is strictly tailored to your mindset and needs. 

StreetwiZe workshops are available for both the leadership and employee levels, and for existing teams or ad hoc groups of individuals.

Our workshops are always modelled to fit your purpose. For example: a workshop Positive focus for leaders or for a leadership team is aimed at sustaining the positive focus within the team, whilst a workshop positive focus for employees addresses the question of how to remain positively focussed as an individual. 



Street Skills

  • Positive Focus Workshop

    Positive Focus is the ability to experience positive emotions, combined with a deeper feeling of meaning and purpose in a current reality. On the streets and in business, this is the difference between those who survive and those who don't.

  • Agility & Resilience Workshop

    Agility is the skill to take fast and effective action. Resilience is the ability to anticipate and recover from failure and difficulties.

  • Proactive Creativity Workshop

    Proactive creativity is about the ability to break patterns. Learn how to unlearn and redefine the balance between expertise and creativity.

  • Cooperative Competition Workshop

    A good idea never becomes a success just because it’s a good idea. Cooperative competition is the ability to see when cooperation or competition is needed in order to achieve collective or individual success.


  • Pitching Workshop

    People will tell you that a good idea will sell itself. However, history is littered with examples of good ideas going down the drain because they didn’t sell.

  • Storytelling Workshop

    You need your message to be heard, storytelling is the most convincing way to get it across.

  • Leading Change Workshop

    Go hands on with the three factors critical to leading change.

  • Connect Workshop

    Realise the importance of connecting with all stakeholders and train your skills to put it in practice


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