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Coaching & Intervision

Once acquainted with the real world use of the street skills in today’s reality, you might choose to develop them further to fully root them in your organisation’s culture or your team’s behavioural pattern.

StreetwiZe has a team of internationally experienced coaches, ready to help you and your people in developing their personal leadership skills, team skills and change management skills. Their approach relies on our Street Skills Model. Their sole aim is to dramatically raise the self-reliance of the individual or the group.






The core idea behind our StreetwiZe coaching is the development of and guidance towards self-efficacy, an approach that mirrors our work with street children at the mobile schools. More specifically, we focus on three steps that are instrumental to successful change management: quality of judgment, decision-making and implementation. We assist individuals and teams in the development of the necessary skills to successfully complete these steps. In order to achieve this, we target results and focus on fostering autonomy.

During each of these steps the StreetwiZe coach will always make sure that the acquired knowledge and skills become an integral part of the work process of the coachee or coached team. The ultimate goal of StreetwiZe and Mobile School coaches is always to increase the autonomous self of an individual or group. 





The goal of StreetwiZe intervision is to facilitate professional development inside your organisation. Our approach is similar to our intervision work with our own Mobile School partners. Unlike our coaching approach, we will not guide you towards solutions, but we extend our methods so that the organisation’s expertise will be fully utilised and further developed. Using shared analytical and problem-solving skills, participants gain insights into inserted challenges and how to deal with them in the future. 




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