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Keynote • StreetwiZe People

StreetwiZe takes its experience on the streets and in business to offer keynotes that will inspire and motivate. Develop together with us a Leadership, Change or Talent Development program with our Action Workshops and coaching, that fits you and your company's needs; kick it all off with an inspirational keynote that gets everyone motivated, inspired and ready to act. The Keynote is 90 minutes and given by Arnoud Raskin.

This keynote is the perfect link to the story, inspiration and findings of Arnoud Raskins' book, STREETWIZE.

The stories of Street children and their unique inspiration, told by Arnoud Raskin, founder of Mobile School and StreetwiZe. In his keynote, Arnoud explains how 20 years of working with street children got him hooked on the possibilities to create a positive impact. 

A transforming world is by many considered to be a breakneck threat. However, by adopting street skills, the change we observe will give rise to new opportunities. The new laws of the land are positive focus, agility & resilience, proactive creativity and cooperative competition. During this keynote, Arnoud dives into these street skills and explains how you can make them your own. 


The time it takes: 30-90 minutes



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