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The StreetwiZe and Mobile School teams cooperate to deliver content and programs that are authentic and impactful, consistently delivering above and beyond client expectations.

We do this by bringing in the best facilitators to StreetwiZe. All facilitators have a combination of business, training, and Mobile School experience.


  • Business: StreetwiZe facilitators have company experience at the highest level, spanning borders and sectors. They know and understand the challenges of your sector, company, and team.
  • Training: StreetwiZe facilitators are professional trainers and coaches who use the most impactful methodologies and techniques to get the results you need.
  • Mobile School: all StreetwiZe facilitators have seen and worked with the mobile school. They have experienced the stories and the lives of the street youth who serve as their inspiration.


Arnoud Raskin

Arnoud Raskin

Arnoud Raskin is the co-founder of Mobile School and StreetwiZe. He is an internationally recognised social entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow, and author of the book ‘StreetwiZe: What managers can learn from street kids”.

Arnoud has led Mobile School to become a global organisation with over 40 mobile schools in over 20 countries. Mobile School has over 60,000 contacts with street youth annually. Arnoud has led StreetwiZe to become a top provider of talent development and leadership training to corporate clients, making co-creation possible that focuses on the needs of the company as well as having positive impact on street kids around the world. StreetwiZe covers 75% of the budget of the Mobile School Group.

Bram Doolaege

Bram Doolaege

Bram brings his experience as a thought leader in the field of change management, communication and leadership, as well as significant research in evidenced based management to the StreetwiZe team. Not to mention a great sense of humor.

Bram is currently a lecturer in the fields of change management, communication and leadership at the University of Gent. He combines this with work as a management consultant, with clients such as the VRT, Ikea and Microsoft.  Bram played a key role in the founding of StreetwiZe and the development of the StreetwiZe product portfolio.

Kim Swyngedouw

Kim Swyngedouw

As Managing Partner at StreetwiZe, Kim is responsible for the coordination and development of StreetwiZe activities in Belgium. Together with a team of passionate facilitators and a healthy dose of idealism, she tries to make a difference, however small, every day.

Kim started her career at the Flanders Red Cross where she gained experience in a non-profit environment and became passionate about leadership development and business. Moreover, Kim has 6 years of experience in Learning & Development at Vlerick Business School, where she both developed and facilitated impactful leadership programs. Inspired by the tremendous added value that is created when combining profit and non-profit, she considers her role within StreetwiZe as the perfect opportunity to create that added value herself.

Bart Vanbellinghen

Bart Vanbellinghen

Bart brings a solid combination of business, HR and Learning & Development experience. At IBM he was active in their international EMEA learning organisation and the Belgian sales organisation. He later joined the Vlerick Business School as senior L&D consultant, co-creating impactful executive development programmes. Before joining the StreetwiZe team, he worked as Sr. HR Business Partner at Sanoma Media Belgium, supporting a major company-wide transformation effort.

Bart has facilitation experience in a broad range of topics and strives for impact, based on his genuine interest in both people and business.

Hans Lamberts

Hans Lamberts

Hans joined the StreetwiZe team with some solid experience in Business and Learning & Development. At Elia, where Hans spent 6 years and as such the biggest part of his professional career, he took the opportunity to evolve from a technical position in investment planning, towards an HR-role, responsible for the design and the realisation of a learning organisation. Inspired by the power of entrepreneurship and self-esteem in different contexts and on different levels, he considers his StreetwiZe work as the perfect leverage to support personal and organisational growth in a variety of situations. 

Eric Vanbiervliet • StreetwiZe Partner

Eric Vanbiervliet

Eric combines extensive experience in learning & development and in organisational development with a fascination for identity and culture. He worked at Colruyt Group for a long time, where he contributed to the startup of an internal communication agency as a manager. Additionally, he helped build the corporate marketing department and shaped the brand Colruyt Group. In 2011 he made a transition to the department of Organisational Development of the company, to work around values and mission. In this function he gained a lot of experience in facilitating and coaching employees and managers and in advising directors.

Tessa Goossens • StreetwiZe Partner

Tessa Goossens

Tessa brings her expertise of co-creation processes, public policy-making & youth work to the StreetwiZe team, as well as her unbridled enthusiasm.
She was a Cultural Coordinator in Saint-Gilles and shaped the impact analyses of local politics. At Link in de Kabel, she created learning experiences for vulnerable youngsters and their tutors by challenging their media literacy skills by means of individual coaching and cultural change trajectories. 
For every challenge, Tessa has got the perfect methodology up her sleeve. She combines her experience in intervision and in moderating group dynamics with an enlightening positive focus. 

Caroline Coppens • StreetwiZe Facilitator

Caroline Coppens

At StreetwiZe Caroline combines years of experience as a trainer at Thomson Reuters with her boundless energy to give impactful training courses. It is impact that drives her commitment. If Caroline is convinced of a certain vision or approach, she will do her utmost to convince others. Her intuition and the knowledge she gained as a trainer, event coordinator and Marketing Manager are the tools she uses to motivate people.

Caroline has a degree in Roman Languages. She also obtained a Master in Language & Business and Investigative Journalism and a degree in teaching. She is fluent in English and French and also speaks some Spanish (at the bar with some tasty tapas or ... at a mobile school).

Lore De Muynck • Content Developer

Lore De Muynck

As Content Developer, Lore is responsible for strengthening and expanding the StreetwiZe portfolio. She converts the theory into (inter)active and unique workshops. She is inspired by the lessons of the street and relies upon her own skills and those of the StreetwiZe facilitators. Driven by her eagerness to learn, her creativity and her interest in experiential learning, she develops an impactful educational offer.

Lore gained experience in the development and support of workshops for various target groups in her role as teacher and educational officer in the non-profit sector in Belgium, Guatemala and Peru. She also has been volunteering at Mobile School for several years.

Joyce Trémérie

Joyce Trémérie

As Office Manager of StreetwiZe • Mobile School, Joyce excels at keeping this growing hybrid organisation on the right track.  She is responsible for managing and streamlining the back-office, including coordination and sales support for StreetwiZe, event support for Mobile School Campaigns and general administrative and logistical support for the whole organisation. 
Joyce has degrees in international business economics and HR management, and over 15 years experience in a HR /management consultancy and non-profit environment. 
She is fluent in English, French and Dutch.

Ine Stessens

Ine Stessens

Ine Stessens joined the team in January 2016 as Office Assistant. She supports the back-office of StreetwiZe and Mobile School. Ine has 10 years of working experience as clinical research associate and project manager in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. She has a Master in Criminology and International Relations as well as a Bachelor in Nursing. She is fluent in Dutch, English and French.

Pieter Crabbé • Business Development Officer

Pieter Crabbé

As Business Development Officer, Pieter is responsible for the relationship with existing clients and the further expansion of the client base. In cooperation with the entire StreetwiZe-crew, he will leverage the organisation to the next level.

Pieter started his career as a teacher in primary school and after finishing his studies in Advanced Business Management, he worked at Sport Vlaanderen as a consultant in sports marketing. He developed a true passion for youth work in general and got the chance to discover the various challenges in sales & marketing.nThis combination led him to StreetwiZe where he will have meaningful impact on streetkids worldwide.