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Experience based learning

Experience based sessions that build authentic, impactful teams

We craft solid teams

We facilitate the crafting and shaping of strong and authentic teams that empower themselves with a clear mission and vision. You can choose the approach that fits your companies DNA. You deep dive in our Street Skill Cooperative Competition, or we take you for a more out of the box experience by dropping you on the street, so you get immersed in street reality first hand. 

Facilitation & coaching

Cooperative Competition applied

In this approach we urge a team to return to what is the core of successful cooperation, based on our insights related to cooperative competition. We’ll bring the team back to the essentials of successful teamwork and we will pull them into a reflection that will trigger them to come up with answers related to their functioning.

StreetwiZe Expeditions

Go to the street. Immerse yourself in a development programme that expects you to connect with our target group and their habitat. Scientists will confirm that an emotional experience opens up a very powerful learning form. The intensity of a StreetwiZe Expedition will leave a lasting impression and changes your approach forever. It is a safe challenge, but one outside of your comfort zone. This immersed training secures deep learning.

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