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We create the context and mindset to take ownership in change

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Four Street Skills, four StreetwiZe techniques, an immersive StreetwiZe expedition and our coaching and intervision approach are the ingredients we use to do our magic. We always work hands on, and in co-creation to tackle your specific development needs.

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Our approach is positively original. And our true story and real-life experience make us stand out as a unique content provider and process facilitator. Our direct link with Mobile School and our outside the box method spark learning. This unique approach generates the required openness of mind for successful learning.

Every StreetwiZe intervention is a call to action. Through inspirational examples, reflection and translation into concrete business reality, employees will participate in an uplifting process that leads to action. The street-frame we continually refer to in our method, radiates extreme mental power. It acts as an ideal stepping stone to spur the rethinking of one's own performance in a changing business environment.

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