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Personal development

Our workshops for personal development are of the highly interactive kind. You discover and learn to combine street skills and lessons from the street to tackle your professional and personal or team challenges. Each workshop can be customised to your specific company context and starts with a preparatory intake call.



Positive Focus is all about spotting opportunities. You focus on that part of the problem that you can already solve yourself. Typically, the coffee machine is the appropriate place for ventilating on everything that goes wrong. The key to do better as an individual and as a company is to shift behaviour. Focus on things that do work well and take ownership.

& Resilience

Resilience is the skill you need to anticipate to and recover from a setback. Agility is crucial to react fast and effective in every situation. Street survivors recuperate and embrace the suck when necessary. We in our world, often react anxious to change. That fear paralyses both us and company results. Therefore don't wait when things seem to go wrong. Accept, anticipate and act.


Routines are crucial and effective but sometimes they hinder evolution. Proactive creativity is all about breaking patterns and unlearning habits. Competing requires creativity to make a difference. Breaking out of your daily routine and daring to be unique is crucial. Being able to do so opens new space to think, innovate, create and learn.


Cooperative Competition is the key quality of every great team. The secret of achieving next level teamwork lies in finding the balance between close cooperation, the passion for that common goal and, in the meantime the courage to fight the necessary battles, give open feedback and challenge your individual team members and other stakeholders.


Pitching is about conciously bringing a message in a short period and is aimed at getting a specific desired response from your audience. You learn how to convince people by speech and make them engage in your project, your idea or your plan. It is a strong summary that makes your idea or you as a person top of mind.


Storytelling goes beyond telling a story. To find its way, a narrative has to convince people. Storytelling is  about touching emotions, and bringing a message, vision or mission in such a way that it inspires and moves people. It is a key skill to ensure that you get your message across.


Connecting people is all about creating a deep and authentic understanding. It is a crucial skill for every employee operating in todays business context. Finding and building connection helps  to overcome silo-mentality, avoids polarisation and is key to team creation. Being connected generates positive emotions and fosters productivity.

Leading Change

Leading change requires the ability to create involvement, inspire stakeholders and generate enthusiasm. Companies sometimes fail in running successful change-initiatives, because the common goal is not clear, or because we get locked in analysing the situation. Getting into action and tapping into emotions is key!

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