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[[en]]We have two inspirational talks in our offering. Both are the ideal opener for a strategic meeting, or an event or even a teamday. [[nl]]We hebben 2 inspirerende keynotes  in ons aanbod. Beide zijn de ideale opener voor een strategische meeting, een event of zelfs een teamdag.


Arnoud Raskin

The (business) world is in constant evolution and rapidly transforms itself. A lot of us see this change as a threat. But then you can challenge yourself: you try to perceive this transformation as an opportunity, what would it bring you?

In his key note Arnoud explains how 20 years of working with Street Children got him hooked on the possibilities to create positive impact.

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The StreetwiZe Story

Our modern economic world is more chaotic than ever. We at StreetwiZe believe that in order to deal with this chaotic environment you need four ‘Street Skills’.

During this 70 minutes' inspirational talk, a StreetwiZe facilitator dives into these Street Skills and explains how you can make them your own.

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