What is B Corp?

The B Corp community currently exists of over 3500 certified B Corps (like Ben & Jerry’s, Dopper, Patagonia, Tony Chocolonely…) spread across 74 countries within loosely 150 different industries. They all have one goal: redefine the traditional way of business to what they call “business for the good”. To become a B Corp, organisations have to meet or exceed B Lab’s performance requirement (B Impact Assessment) by obtaining at least 80 out of 200 points. You can find more information on the StreetwiZe B Corp Profile Page.

Why running a business as a force for good?

On top of positive social & environmental impact, running a ‘business as a force for good’ has other advantages.

Most employees will appreciate the fact that their employer cares about society. Due to the social impact they achieve, they become more passionately involved in their professional lives and get a feeling of purpose and meaning. Two values that generation Y and millennial talents are longing for.

The deeper meaning and purpose have an indisputable impact on the engagement of the employees.

Want to know more?

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