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Arnoud Raskin

Arnoud Raskin is the founder of Mobile School and StreetwiZe. He is an internationally recognised social entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow, and author of the book ‘StreetwiZe: What managers can learn from street kids”.

Arnoud transforms his experience as a product designer, youth worker and social entrepreneur into two captivating keynotes.

For over 15 year, Arnoud has been bringing the StreetwiZe story around the world, at company events and big conferences, but also as the kick-off of leadership and change training programs.

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Bram Doolaege

Bram Doolaege is the co-founder of StreetwiZe and responsible for the StreetwiZe training content.

He brings experience as a thought leader in the field of change management, communication and leadership to the StreetwiZe team, as well as significant research in evidence-based management.

Bram uses his great sense of humor and his academic background to engage his audience on topics as talent development and leadership.

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"Excellent speaker, perhaps the most engaging and relevant external speaker I have seen to date. An intelligent and self-confident person with clearly articulated, original ideas that can be applied to both life and work."


Keynote topics

The Founder's Story & Leadership

Arnoud tells the story of ‘the why’ and ‘the how’ he started as a student entrepreneur at design school with a mission to change the world. He explains how purpose became the main compass of his leadership and how he used it to inspire and engage others to build a global network of companies and NGO’s tackling the reality of street connected children.

Connected leadership
Inclusion & Diversity
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Talent Is Overrated

Needless to say that we believe in the power of talents. Through our experience with talent development both on the street and in companies, we learned the three main challenges when it comes to talent development.  In the keynote you will learn 12 practical tips to manage talent development, as an individual or as an organisation.

Talent development
Talent management
The dark side
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Change Maker Leadership

Arnoud presents the 3 core ingredients of Change Maker Leadership. Such leadership is essential to tackle global problems such as basic education for 150 million street children, but also to bring about concrete change in your personal life or work. Not from high level theories but translated into concrete steps that anyone can take to master Change Maker Leadership.

Change maker leadership
System change
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Bram Doolaege, A Streetwize Story

Bram departs from this melting pot of science, business consulting and social entrepreneurship to playfully explore how we can be better leaders.

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StreetwiZe develops high impact learning products for companies, inspired by the complex and competitive reality of street communities. With a unique combination of academic research, business insights and straight-forward street savviness, we support businesses and their employees to deal with change, develop leadership and foster well-being.

All StreetwiZe profits are reinvested in MobileSchool.org to guarantee a 360° positive impact on trainees, businesses and society.

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