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The Founder's Story & Leadership

Arnoud tells the story of ‘the why’ and ‘the how’ he started as a student entrepreneur at design school with a mission to change the world. He explains how purpose became the main compass of his leadership and how he used it to inspire and engage others to build a global network of companies and NGO’s tackling the reality of street connected children.

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Talent Is Overrated

Needless to say that we believe in the power of talents. Through our experience with talent development both on the street and in companies, we learned the three main challenges when it comes to talent development.  In the keynote you will learn 12 practical tips to manage talent development, as an individual or as an organisation.

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Change Maker Leadership

Arnoud presents the 3 core ingredients of Change Maker Leadership. Such leadership is essential to tackle global problems such as basic education for 150 million street children, but also to bring about concrete change in your personal life or work. Not from high level theories but translated into concrete steps that anyone can take to master Change Maker Leadership.

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Bram Doolaege, A Streetwize Story

Bram departs from this melting pot of science, business consulting and social entrepreneurship to playfully explore how we can be better leaders.

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Define your values, purpose, mission and vision. Align as a team on your direction and take the first steps to put it into practice.

Purpose & Performance

In this inspirational masterclass we give participants the necessary insights into the concepts behind purpose. What’s the difference between your purpose and your mission? How can purpose become a driver of performance? This masterclass will align your teams understanding of those concepts, bringing clarity to the discussions and workshops later-on.

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Define & Align With Mission, Vision And Strategy

In this workshop, we will guide you through a collaborative process that will enable you to articulate your mission, vision, strategy, and purpose clearly. Our skilled facilitators will help you identify and articulate your organization's goals, objectives, and values, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

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Putting Purpose Into Practice

We guide your team through a series of facilitated exercises to make your company high level objectives (values, purpose, mission, strategy) tangible and actionable. In a next step we think of communication but also of the implementation of our intentions so that they lead to better results.

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Lead in an authentic way, build strong relationships and realise the full potential of your team, with a clear focus on the aspired impact.


A lot of research hypothesises that increased commitment of leadership to the organisation leads to increased employee identification to that organisation. To achieve this a leader should be self-aware,  knowing one’s strengths, weaknesses and limitations. A leader should also be transparent (vision), balance decisions and have an ethical core which guides decisions.‍

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Immersive Leadership Expedition @ Romanian Slums

Take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to one of our StreetSmart Wheels partners and expose your team to the complex and competitive reality of the streets. Connect with street-connected youngsters and experience how leadership can drive real change. Gain new insights into your leadership style and personal identity. Our experienced facilitators make sure your inspirational street experience is translated to your unique professional context using team challenges, reflections, intervision and personal coaching.

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Connected Leadership

High quality of the leader-member exchange (LMX) impacts employees' job satisfaction and turnover intentions. Evidence also shows that leaders have greater impact if they have high quality relationships with their own bosses and are actively present in peer networks. Therefore, leaders should strongly position themselves in internal and external networks, delivering value and unique contributions to these networks.‍

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Immersive Leadership Expedition @ Refugee Center

During this transformative journey, you will engage in co-creation exercises with a group of refugees, challenging you to break social barriers and build the right connections to lead the group to success. You will walk away with the essential tools and mindset to unlock your team's full potential, even in the most demanding contexts.‍

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Change Maker Leadership

Being a Change Maker as a leader is about developing a strategic change vision, implementing changes and encouraging flexibility and innovation to lead changes efficiently. Leaders should be able to create continuity in an ever changing world by installing a sense of collectivity, building a broad coalition and keeping people informed about the progress.

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Immersive Leadership Expedition @ Youth Detention Centre

During this transformative journey, you will engage in co-creation exercises with a group of youngsters, challenging you to break social barriers and build the right connections to lead the group to success. You will walk away with the essential tools and mindset to unlock your team's full potential, even in the most demanding contexts.

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Person-organisation fit is essential for autonomous and individual commitment toward the organisation, employee wellbeing and building ambassadorship.

Agility & Resilience

Sometimes things go wrong, and the challenge isto act quickly and effectively. This can be done by strengthening your agility and resilience. Resilience is the skill you need to anticipate to and recover from a setback. Agility is crucial to react in a fast, effective, and agile way in every situation. Street survivors don’t sit back. Instead, they recuperate, and embrace what sucks when necessary. Don’t wait when things seem to go wrong. Accept, anticipate and act.

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Positive Focus

Positive focus, the ability to seeopportunities and positively approach the world, is essential for any meaningfull collaboration. You focus on that part of the problem that you can already solve yourself. The key to doing better both as an individual and as a company is to shift behaviour, focus on things that work well and take ownership.

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People commit to the purpose of an organisation for many reasons. Identifying this personal reason is a first step to becoming part of that purpose. During the workshop people learn about ‘meaning’ and ‘impact’. What do they aspire to and how can they link this to the purpose of the organisation. The starting points are both personal awareness and environmental awareness.

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Storytelling is the skill to convey the why of your commitment to others. Storytelling goes beyond telling a story. To find its way, a narrative has to convince people. Storytelling is about touching emotions and bringing a message, vision or mission in such a way that it inspires and moves people. It is a key skill to ensure that you get your message across.

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Build a sense of belonging through constructive communication skills, empathic understanding of each other and collaboration around your shared goals and purpose.

Immersive expedition @ Leuven Prison

During this immersive experience at Leuven Prison, you will engage in a creative exercise with a group of inmates, challenging you to find the right balance in personal connection. This experience serves as the basis for self-reflection and deeper understanding of personal dynamics which concludes in a personal action plan.

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Connect With Empathy

Meaningful relationships lead to meaningful collaborations and results. Connecting people is all about creating a deep and authentic understanding. Finding and building connection helps to overcome silo-mentality, avoids polarisation and is key to team creation. Being connected generates positive emotions and fosters productivity. During the connect workshop we learn to connect again in a qualitative way.‍

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Feedback To Feed Forward

Feedback is the communication that should allow us to bridge the gap between a standard and reality. And even though we all know that feedback is an inevitable, and often useful, part of our lives, there are several challenges. In this workshop, we dive deeper into the reasons why this is the case and we offer some techniques to clearly define this standard and a culture where feedback can work. Besides this, we like to talk about feedforward, which is a tool to set standards in the future.‍

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Conflict Management

Differences are inevitable in an organisation where different people have different experiences, expectations, habits and attitudes. Conflicts can be toxic and lead to disconnection, indecision and even sabotage. However, conflicts can also support the organisational goals. Clashes of ideas can shift paradigms, bringing creativity and new insights. Learn the different types of conflict and how to bring conflicts from a personal to a functional level.‍

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Inclusion & Diversity

As we increasingly collaborate with colleagues from different backgrounds and perspectives, promoting inclusiveness becomes essential to unlock the full potential of our teams and achieve better results. By understanding the power of inclusive practices, we can create an environment where everyone's voice is valued, ideas are freely shared and diverse perspectives are embraced.‍

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Teambuilding Empathy

In this teambuilding we let your team experience the value of empathy while enjoying a street-inspired city game in Leuven. A fun mix of team connection, street insights, empathy and a city game.

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Psychological safety

Unlock your team's potential with our half-day workshop. Learn to create an environment where speaking up, making mistakes, and asking questions are valued as keys to learning and growth. Discover practical strategies for fostering trust and openness, enabling your team to innovate and thrive.

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Effectiveness, flexibility and a proactive commercial mindset are key to bringing your purpose to life as the driving force of a high performing organisation.

Cooperative Competition

The secret of achieving next level team worklies in finding the balance between close cooperation, the passion for that common goal and, at the same time, the courage to fight the necessary battles. Giving open feedback and challenging your individual team members and other stakeholders is key to reaching the next level of teamwork. This workshop helps individuals, teams and organisations to build their competitive advantage and strengthen their collaboration.‍

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Persuasion is different from manipulation. Persuasion starts from a long-term vision in which all parties ultimately achieve maximum performance or results. To get there, insight is needed into how people make decisions and what arguments they are susceptible to. We also need to develop some skills to translate these insights into practice. We do this, amongst other things, by integrating simulations and exercises into the training.‍

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Leading Change

Leading change requires the ability as a leader, manager or employee to create involvement, inspire stakeholders and generate enthusiasm to shape your change together. A culture of change presupposes that two components are available: the willingness to change and the ability to change. In this workshop we focus on the cognitive, emotional and practical initiatives required to implement changes successfully on an individual or at group level.‍

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Pitching is about consciously bringing a message in a short period and is aimed at getting a specific desired response from your audience. You learn how to convince people by speech and make them engaged in your project, your idea, and your plan. It is a strong summary that makes your idea, or you as a person, top of mind.‍

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Proactive Creativity

Progress requires creativity. Creativity is the skill that allows us to expand patterns to discover something innovative and useful. Routines are crucial and effective but sometimes they hinder evolution. Proactive creativity is all about breaking patterns and unlearning routines, with a proactive focus on a positive desired outcome. This process help us to connect around the newly generated shared ideas and insights.‍

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Project Based Working

Involving stakeholders, monitoring resources, planning; these are skills that not everyone has developed in the same way. Project management is a uniform way of working that leads to better results and improved satisfaction amongst stakeholders. This hand-on training gives participants the essence of what projects are, how they work and how they are best managed.‍

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StreetwiZe develops high impact learning products for companies, inspired by the complex and competitive reality of street communities. With a unique combination of academic research, business insights and straight-forward street savviness, we support businesses and their employess to deal with change, develop leadership and foster well-being.

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