Feedback To Feed Forward

Feedback is the communication that should allow us to bridge the gap between a standard and reality. And even though we all know that feedback is an inevitable, and often useful, part of our lives, there are several challenges. In this workshop, we dive deeper into the reasons why this is the case and we offer some techniques to clearly define this standard and a culture where feedback can work. Besides this, we like to talk about feedforward, which is a tool to set standards in the future.‍

Feedback To Feed Forward

We often feel a tension between who we really are and what others within our professional reality want us to be. Without a solid insight about what to do when things don't feel authentic, real connection to the organisational purpose doesn't stand a chance. In this training we will work on honest and effective communication about your values, meaning, and purpose. Techniques regarding feedback and feed forward are used with practice-based scenarios.


After this workshop you are able to:

  • Provide future-oriented feedback
  • Give feedback in line with your authentic self


  • Workshop
  • Webinar 
  • Masterclass
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