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Our world is ever more about uncertainty. Many of the forces driving the speeding changes are beyond our control. Becoming an organisation of enabled people that spot opportunities, act decisive and shift boundaries through authentic connection, is a transition many companies would sign up for.

We call these organisations - StreetwiZe organisations.  With an authentic story and our unique approach, we inspire people to look differently at themselves and the world, and invite them to reimagine their personal role in their organisation and their chances and opportunities to make a difference. One thing for sure is that your people will instantly apply their new StreetwiZe skills and tools. Why? Because they feel and experience their 360 impact from the start.

Didn't grow up like a street kid? Start acting like one.

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An experienced-based talent development provider

We inspire with our story

Start your event or teamday with one of our inspirational talks, a story about the streets and how to survive them.

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We develop  personal skills

Grow your personal skills and mindset. We train your employees in applying and practicing the fundamental skills of self leadership.

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We craft solid teams

We build and support development of authentic, dynamic and high performing teams that are visionary and impactful.

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We shape change ambassadors

We support your employees on their way to becoming ambassadors for impactful change.

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Street kids are survivors, they have to be

Just imagine what it will be like to learn and master all their skills. It will change your market view, your reaction to chaotic uncertainty, your teamwork and message to the world. Mastering the Street Skills will open up a realm of new creative possibilities.

We at StreetwiZe are a hybrid social enterprise that invests in the sustainable development of people, organisations and society, inspired by the strength of street connected children & youth.

We empower street children | Mobile School — non profit. We do this by offering educational materials, tools and services to support street educators and youth workers.

We empower companies | StreetwiZe — for profit. We offer street inspired training, and coaching for companies and organisations.

All profits of StreetwiZe fund the Mobile School projects for the street children.

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