Leadership kick-start: Kick-start your leadership journey

Experience the power of team leadership in a two-day offsite training programme.

Connect with a group of likeminded leaders and learn what it takes to create a human centered and performance-driven teamculture.

2 days of Training
Leuven, Belgium
For team leaders
€650 - Eligible for subsidies.

Unlock your leadership potential

In this riveting leadership programme, participants will learn the fundamental components of leadership. Employee engagement starts with authentic leadership.

Gain practical insights into leadership and develop your personal, flexible leadership style. This programme is specifically designed for starting leaders, and has been the basis for many years of succesful in-company leadership programmes.

Led by an experienced facilitator, this two-day programme in Leuven, Belgium combines interactive sessions, personal reflection and group activities for a transformative learning experience.

As part of our social impact, we reserve 2 seats at cost for social entrepreneurs or non-profits in each leadership programme. Contact us to apply for these seats!

Unleash your potential and acquire leadership skills to establish a great team culture

  1. Self-reflection: Leading a team starts with a fundamental knowledge and understanding of yourself. You are encouraged to assess your strengths, weaknesses, values and goals as basis for the further leadership development programme.
  2. Situational leadership: A core aspect of leadership is the ability to adapt your leadership style based on the needs of a specific situation or team. There is no one-size-fits-all leadership and effective leaders should be flexible and responsive.
  3. Communication styles: Based on the Rose of Leary, a model on the dynamics of social interaction, you learn how to adapt your communication style to improve collaboration and reduce conflicts in a professional context.
  4. Leadership simulation: Together with a professional actor, we simulate real life experiences to practice the acquired leadership skills in a safe environment. Test and experience the result of your actions and choices.

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Training day 1
Training day 2
26 April 2024
03 May 2024
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What will you get out of it?

Insights in your own strengths and development areas
Skill development in shaping team culture and achieving results
Reflection and feedback to support professional and personal growth
Simulation to bridge the training to real-life work context
A refreshing view on leadership
Networking opportunities with fellow participants

Discover the location

The Mobile School office is an original and inspiring training location in the centre of Leuven.

A sneak-peak on the agenda

Day 1


  • Self-reflection
  • Dive into the first essential leadership framework: situational leadership
Day 2


  • Communication styles
  • Leadership simulation, supported by a professional business actor

The facilitators

Davy has built up extensive business skills as a senior manager in the international IT consulting world, where he was always naturally focused on working with humans – not "resources". As an impro-comedy enthusiast, he loves facilitation to be entertaining while still delivering a solid, impactful story.

Eric Vanbiervliet has extensive experience in learning, organisational development and leadership, with a passion for facilitation, coaching, and advising employees, managers.

What should you bring? Absolutely nothing. Everything is included in the fee!

Included in the training fee:

  • Lunch
  • Training material

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This training is eligible for subsidies

All our trainings are eligible for KMO-Portefeuille subsidies. Read more about the SME e-wallet, requirements, amounts and application procedures on Vlaio's website.

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