Millions of children are falling outside formal support and educational systems and go to the streets, looking for a sense of belonging. The identity and self-image of these children and youngsters is fragile, which makes them very susceptible to recruitment by criminal and extremist networks. Youth and outreach work are key in reaching them.

More specifically, the unconditional presence of youth workers using effective non-formal education methods can reestablish the connection with these children and support them in becoming positive contributors to society. It can prevent the disconnection of children with society and empower them to make conscious decisions in life. 


Street educators outperform in generosity, empathy and work with high street creds. A research project executed by Mobile School indicates, however, that they miss efficient tools, access to data, knowledge and inspiration. To tackle those needs and to raise the impact of the outreach activities of street educators, and youth workers in general, StreetwiZe • Mobile School developed the integrated digital platform StreetSmart, consisting of 3 tools:

  • StreetSmart Impact: a case management and impact measurement system, with a mobile data tracking app and an integrated evolution tracking of different indicators linked to self-esteem and empowerment. StreetSmart Impact is a closed environment, set up for and implemented at each youth work organisation individually.
  • StreetSmart Play: an open community-based content platform containing non-formal educational methodologies and activities, with a primary focus on empowering children and youngsters. StreetSmart Play allows youth workers to find, share and exchange the non-formal methodologies they need to tailor their offer to the needs of the children they work with.
  • StreetSmart Learn: an open learning platform for youth workers with learning courses, training materials and support to assist them in their work with and comprehension of vulnerable children. 

All components of StreetSmart are built with a focus on a user-friendly design and mobile usability for people with a primary focus on interacting and working with youngsters and children.

The prototypes have been developed with the support of Erasmus+, Accenture (Kunstmaan) and

Thanks to the learnings of the prototype testings and the support of the Google Foundation, StreetwiZe • Mobile School feels confident they will be able to release a fully operational StreetSmart Impact and StreetSmart Play in 2020 and a fully operational StreetSmart Learn in 2021.