From 18th to 26th of July the Caritas team went through a series of workshops about educational materials, self-esteem, creative therapy, educational games, and many others to get ready to hit the streets in Georgia to bring new experiences and opportunities to street kids and refugees in different areas of the country.

The trainings were conducted by Adi Craciun and Meni Christidou, two StreetSmart Wheels trainers with a lot of experience working in Greece and Romania with Mobile School. In the picture, they were dressed up to give a workshop about educational games. It was a fun morning for the whole Caritas team !

During the workshop on creative therapy the team tested out some panels on health and discovered fun ways to talk with street kids about how to take care of their hair to prevent or get rid of head lice.

The first street session with the mobile school finally arrived and was highly enjoyed by the children and the Caritas team, who were really happy using the Mobile School.  They have been waiting more than two years to be able to work with this new tool that allows them to reach more children in an innovative way.

This area is a settlement called Africa where a lot of families have lived here for many  years, since they arrived here  during one of the previous genocides in Iraq. They live under very precarious conditions and the  children face difficulties to study, communicate or interact with others kids from Tbilisi. Now they know the team of Caritas will use the mobile school to offer them positive experiences where they can learn, share and inspire themselves and each other.

After two weeks of intensive training we know that this project, executed with the motivation of the Caritas team, will bring other opportunities into those communities making more street kids flourish and discover their talents.  We are very excited that, with the Tbilisi kick-off, 62 Mobile Schools are hitting the streets in different continents and countries.

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