The first street experience in Mexico City was unmistakable, very early in the morning there are many taco stands, enchiladas, chilaquiles, tamales and countless other dishes waiting for hungry passersby, people rushing to their jobs, children at traffic lights working to bring a smile to their customers, street children in main squares, sun and joy. This is how the exploratory visit started accompanied by the team of Fundación Pro Niños, which has its office in the center of Buenavista, Zaragoza.

Fundacion Pro Niños de la Calle was founded 29 years ago and its mission is to provide personalized attention to children living on the street, accompanying them in a process that allows them to choose other life options. The program from the Street to Hope was therefore created with the aim of providing a bridge between the street and a decent life option, facilitating for street connected children processes of reflection, development of healthy habits, life skills and the use of their strengths to change their lives.

At the entrance of the Foundation is the day center, where the children can choose how they would like to start the day, where attention is given by the educator who welcomes them with a hug or a high-five in a welcoming environment, with games, activities, food and a good shower.

The children who come to the day center come from very impoverished, risky, violent and drug-using areas. Therefore, spending time in the center offers them an opportunity to avoid the risks of the street, to be entertained, learn, relax and be accompanied by educators trained to provide them with the support they deserve.

During the prospective visit, the educators were offered four basic workshops, with the objective of aligning the visions of both organizations, as well as allowing the educators to evaluate whether StreetSmart tools can add value to the work they do with street children.

Also during the visit, different locations were visited, including atlampa, garibaldi, monumento a las madres, and tacubaya, specific areas where there are children, adolescents and families in street situations, where there is drug use and vulnerability. There the foundation’s street educators carry out personalized interventions with them.

After this exploratory visit the 9 participants committed to actions thatas a team they will put in placeto meet the requirements of StreetSmart Wheels and make this project a reality in this Foundation that envisions children and adolescents using their full potential in a new way of life.

If everything goes according to plan, the Children's Foundation would be StreetSmart's fourth partner in Mexico. Stay tuned through our social networks and website!  

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