Mobile School is one of those organisations. Each year, we organise a campaign to raise awareness about the untapped potential on the streets. With our campaigns, we aim to provide a voice for street-connected children worldwide, so their rights cannot be ignored.

Our 2023 campaign #childrights was kicked off on March 14th. We want to make sure that our claim for children’s rights for all children is heard in every single country worldwide by April 12th. This gives us 30 days to complete our challenge to find at least one person - and hopefully many more – from every single country to reinforce our claim.

Joining in is very easy. In the following video, Junieth explains what to do:

Why did we choose this gesture? Well, it’s actually very simple! By creating a 1 with your left hand and a 2 with your right, you create 12, but also IV, 4 in Roman numerals. Together they form… Exactly! April 12th!

Helping us amplify our message is really as easy as taking a picture and sharing it on your socials, so please join in and let’s flood the internet together, claiming all rights for all children!