Boost the team

We’re starting out in Athens, for one week of follow-up training with partner organization Arsis. This project was started up in March 2015. The team works with children and youth on the move, often victims of trafficking, who work illegally on the streets. During the follow-up training, the Mobile School facilitators will give several workshops, but also organize coaching moments, tailored to the specific needs of the local team. The main objective of the follow-up training is to give the street workers new inspiration and a new surge of energy, so they can boost the self-esteem of the children and youth they work with for many more years to come.

Meet possible partners

The demand for mobile schools in Europe has grown over the years. Due to migration and urbanization, new social challenges arise in all European countries. In Greece, two new organizations have applied for a mobile school. The Mobile School facilitators will visit both organizations for a week to give training and to assess whether a partnership in the future would be an added value.

Patras is situated near the harbour and since Greece is one of the official European transit points, a lot of unaccompanied minors come and go there. Local organization PRAKSIS is already reaching out to these minors on the move. By working with the mobile school, they could make sure the children can take their mind of their problems for a while and spend their time in Greece playing and learning.

Ladies Union of the Drama is applying for a mobile school to work with the children in Roma camps near the city of Drama. A lot of Roma children don’t have access to education. The team in Drama hopes the mobile school can help the children to discover and develop their talents. They want to bridge the gap to formal education, by introducing education through games.

Strengthen the ties

Since Thessaloniki is nearby, we will briefly visit our partner organisations Arsis and Praksis there as well, to give a short refresher training. They have been working with the mobile school for more than five years. And why stop there? Albania is just across the border, so we will also reconnect with the local street workers of Arsis in Tirana.

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