After a successful exploration in april 2018, the small but very street-based organisation AGOPODE was ready for their two weeks of implementation trainings. Since most of the NGO's working with street-connected children in Lomé are linked to each other, various other stakeholders were invited to participate in the mobile school implementation trainings in order to be able to realize more impact in the near future. Estimations about the number of street-connnected children state there are about 3000 children living on the streets of Togo's capital, while many more are spending a lot of time on the streets during the day to work on the streets or in the markets in order to contribute to the family income. The first street sessions were without doubt a great success, with a lot of positive reactions from both the children and the team of street workers.

Check out the video below to get a glimpse of the implementation workshops and the first sessions on the streets.

With the support of: Provincie Vlaams-Brabant