As we do every year, on April 12 we put street-connected children in the spotlight in a positive way. This year we will do that with a great party. Originality and creativity are key in everything we do and that is why we are going to dance the night away in an old milk factory. The main hall will be transformed into a cozy temple of dance with enough space to give you and your friends / family / team and boss a great evening. There are food trucks in the courtyard and you can just chill if that’s what you want.

It will be the moment in the year to showoff your new dance moves and catch up with the many volunteers and permanent staff of Mobile School and StreetwiZe. Everyone is welcome.

In short:

When? 12 April 2019 (Doors: 8 pm – 3 am)
Where? Bar Vital (Pastorijstraat 7,3020 Herent)

How to get there? 

By bus: The bar is located at 500 metres from Brusselsesteenweg, where you can take the (night)bus.
By carThere is a spacious parking lot at Bar Vital.
Facebook event: FeestMee

We hope to see you at #FeestMee on April 12, 2019!!