All Mobile School partner organisations get the chance to participate in at least one exchange with other partners. Although each mobile school project is unique, Mobile School partners from the same region face more or less the same reality and the same challenges, which is why it’s very valuable to exchange information.

Street educators from Grupa Pedagogów Ulicy (GPU) UNO in Bytom, from Grupa Pedagogiki i Animacji Społecznej (GPAS) in Warsaw and from Fundacja Ukryte Skrzydla in Krakow reconnected during the two days of intensive training.

During the exchange, a lot of good ideas were discussed for a better cooperation in the future. The partner organisations agreed on organising more meetings to stay up to date of each other’s activities and on inviting each other to trainings. A common Facebook page will be created to share best practices and to ask advise on challenges encountered during the work with the mobile school. The organisations even agreed on translating the Mobile School manual to Polish together, so it’s easier for all local street educators to access the information.
On top of that, the street educators developed new and creative ways of working with the Mobile School panels together, which were immediately put to the test during a common outreach session with the mobile school in Krakow. The jury – the target group of Fundacja Ukryte Skrzydla – was unanimously positive, which was very motivating for all participating street educators.

“We had the mobile school, but we didn’t see the full potential of it” is a quote we often heard during the training. Due to a high turnover in the social sector – and consequently in local mobile school teams – information gets lost, which is why Mobile School invests a lot in the continued support of all our partner organisations.