After a strategic rebranding, the renewed StreetSmart offer for youth workers consists of four different products. One of these products is the StreetSmart Impact application, an all-in-one combination of a data registration and case management app for youth workers, a remote digital coaching tool for youngsters and a user-friendly web-based platform, developed to provide essential information about the impact of your organisation. Thanks to intuitive data registration on smartphone, StreetSmart Impact allows youth workers to spend less time on administration, so they can spend more time with their target group.

The tool was developed in collaboration with app developer Halcyon Mobile and offers organisations a user-friendly environment with a smartphone app for youth workers, an app for the participants (I Am StreetSmart) and a web-based platform where youth workers can easily consult automated dashboards and reports. This way, youth workers get quick access to crucial quantitative data they need to report about their work. Moreover, StreetSmart Impact also covers important qualitative data, by offering the option to measure the pedagogical impact on each participant. Youth workers have the possibility to track the mood, skills, social map, goals and daytime occupation of each participant. By tracking the different components over time, youth work professionals get crucial information on the personal development process of each individual child.

But there is more! The ‘I am StreetSmart’ app is an additional free app that can be offered to the participants. Youngsters can download the app and link their account to an organisation. This facilitates youth workers to stay in touch when being remote through messaging, online coaching, surveys, and much more. The goal of the ‘I am StreetSmart app’ is to empower the participants by giving them more control over their data and their process of growth.

StreetSmart Impact was developed taking into account the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR). The setup of the tool offers different user roles with appropriate levels of data access. Administrators can easily customise the impact application to the needs and way of working of their own organisation. This way, it’s easy to customise topics, activities and skills linked to your interventions and much more.

At this moment, our StreetSmart Wheels partners and 13 cities in Flanders are going through various workshops to start up the work with the application. In 2021, the feedback of our partners will be used to improve the app so it’s even more tailored to the need of youth work organisations worldwide.

StreetSmart Impact is currently available in English, Spanish, French and Dutch.

Interested in using StreetSmart Impact? Check out all the details on the StreetSmart Impact product page or contact us for more information.