Do you want to help us create opportunities for street-connected children?

Our quest is to convince the world that street children are an untapped potential for society! We don’t believe in pity, we believe in potential! Society needs a mind shift and all of you can be part of this. Stop talking about street-connected children as a problem but start approaching them as the amazing people of tomorrow. The way society approaches them, will determine what they will become in the future! Together we can define the society of tomorrow!

A special thanks to Felix of Lost Frequencies for taking a deep dive into the streets of Mexico with us. He became a witness and an ambassador, carrying out the message of hope and believe!

Watch our adventures with the kids in Querétaro (Mexico) now:

This documentary was filmed in Querétaro, Mexico in cooperation with our Mobile School partner Alimentos para la Vida. In Mexico City, partner organisation Yolia A.C. has also been working with the mobile school since 2016.

Tomorrowland Foundation and Mobile School

After the construction and opening of the first Love Tomorrow Music & Arts School in Sekha, Nepal and the results of a collaboration with the Belgian independent development organisation CUNINA, Tomorrowland also announced a partnership with the non-profit organisation Mobile School through the Tomorrowland Foundation last summer. Through their Foundation, Tomorrowland wants to turn the festival's positivity and sense of belonging into support for projects designed to give vulnerable young people and children all over the world the opportunity to develop personally and creatively.

Mobile School is an organisation that is committed to unlocking the potential of street-connected children worldwide. Their motto is: "If a child cannot go to school, we bring the school to the child", which is why they develop mobile schools that outreach workers all over the world can use. The mobile schools are mobile, fold-out blackboards, equipped with more than 260 educational panels and games, on street-related topics such as health, basic knowledge, music, etc. The focus of the mobile schools is on strengthening the self-esteem and identity of the street children and allowing them to discover their talents through play.

There are currently 56 mobile schools operating in 29 countries on four continents: Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Thanks to the financial support of the People of Tomorrow for the Tomorrowland Foundation, the foundation can support Mobile School in the construction and development of additional schools, educational materials and the training of outreach workers.

100% funded by the ‘People of Tomorrow

“We are the people of tomorrow. We live today, love tomorrow and unite forever” - Tomorrowland cherishes and appreciates its fans and festival visitors. Because of their positive attitude, enthusiasm and love for each other, they embody the values that are so dear to us. That is why they are called the ‘People of Tomorrow’.

Through the Tomorrowland Foundation, which was founded in 2016, Tomorrowland wants to transform the festival's positivity and sense of belonging into support for projects that aim to give vulnerable young people and children from all over the world the opportunity to develop personally and creatively. After all, they are the future, they are the ones who will shape the world of tomorrow. They are the ultimate People of Tomorrow!

100% of the funds for the construction of the music school in Nepal, the financial support for Mobile School and the creation of the documentary, come from Tomorrowland visitors. During each edition of the festival, there are different ways visitors can contribute. From donating 2 Pearls when they 'activate' their wristband, to the purchase of a Tomorrowland flag that is sold in the shops at the festival and via the webshop which includes a donation of € 5, to the required one-off donation from anyone who manages to get a free ticket through a partner or sponsor, to the guests in the Secret Resto, the most exclusive restaurant that can seat 12 people, it all goes to the Foundation.