Glad's House Mombasa
“With our new mobile school we have a fantastic new way of working with children and young people that enables us to build stronger and more positive relationships.” – Management Glad’s House, Mombasa, Kenya.

As street work activities with the mobile school in the eastern slums of Nairobi proved successful, new mobile school partnerships were established in Tanzania, Mozambique and Ethiopia. An African Mobile School network was born! Today, eight mobile schools are rolling around on the continent both in big capital cities and in smaller regional towns to unlock and develop the talents of street-connected children. And even more, since the start-up in Nairobi, more than 80.000 contacts were registered with our African mobile schools.

The context is always slightly different, but the objective of empowering young people is always the same. Some of the African youngsters we work with are on the move towards the bigger cities due to rural poverty or changing climate conditions, whereas others are living in densely populated urban slums and are spending a lot of their time on the streets to work in the informal economy.  

In 2016, the number of applications from newly interested African projects increases drastically. This increase comes as no surprise, since Africa has more people aged under 20 than any other continent. Moreover, the population is set to double to two billion by 2050. This population boom might be a challenge for the ever growing cities, but is above all a huge opportunity to use this human potential. By boosting self-esteem and by connecting this young generation of Africans in a creative way with their strengths and talents, they will be able to find their way on a rapidly changing continent.

Mobile School in Africa