After four years full of educational and creative street sessions, it was time for more growth in Ethiopia. Due to the fact that Yenege Tesfa was aiming to increase their impact on street-connected children, the organisSation decided to launch a second branch of the organization in the town of Debark, near the Simien Mountains National Park. Many young people flee the countryside and end up in towns like Debark for economical reasons. In order to anticipate this migration and to give better opportunities to youngsters locally, Debark was the ideal place to start up a new branch. Thanks to the success and the popularity of the mobile school in Gondar, Yenege Tesfa immediately decided to launch a second mobile school in Debark.

In March the new mobile school became part of the new Yenege Tesfa branch during a two week implementation training.

Check out the short implementation video below to learn more about the local context: