Sofie Vandenberghe

StreetwiZe Trainer

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Sofie's mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of companies and their people. She brings to StreetwiZe 20 years of international experience in facilitating groups and workshops, combined with team and individual coaching.

  • Training & coaching
  • Organisation consultant
  • Customer insight
  • Talent management
  • Change management

StreetwiZe Projects

Daikin (2022 - ongoing)

Empowering factory Groupleaders & Supervisors with on-the-factory-floor personalised development and team support.

Reference: Bas Henau (Production Manager Daikin)

Colruyt Fine Food (2021 - 2023)

Facilitation of employee team days on the theme "Collaboration" for all Fine Food employees with their respective head of service.

Reference : Thibaut Hanoulle

Equans (2022 - ongoing)

A learning journey for Equans' Project Managers developing and strengthening their skillset on Storytelling, Pitching, Connecting with Empathy, giving Feedback by turning it into Feed Forward and Leading Change in the right direction.

Reference: Sandra Van Dorpe

Mobile School Experience

  • Iasi, Romania, September 2015
  • Iasi, Romenia, August 2022


Can give training in following languages:
  • Dutch
  • French
  • English


  • Training in Systems Approach and Brief Therapy - Palo Alto school method
  • School for Relationships
  • Training in Evolutive Coaching© CreaCoach - Business and Individual Coaching

Publications, a few examples

Professional experience

  • StreetwiZe (Leuven, 2014 - current): StreetwiZe Trainer. A StreetwiZe trainer begins with the needs and vision of the organisation and connects these to their own experience on the street and StreetwiZe model. Together with the employees we find an answer to the needs, arriving with deeper insights and concrete actions. Sofie has worked with Colruyt Group, Thomas More, BNP Paribas Fortis, Ab-Inbev and others.
  • Link'maker (2012 - ongoing): Consultant in Organisational Effectiveness. At Link’maker we see leadership, strategy, people and organisation as fully intertwined and all are critical to the success of any company or function. We work with business leaders and often their HR business partners.
  • Quest for Zeal (2010 - ongoing): Trainer Coach & Owner.  We are in a period of a major paradigm shift in organisations. People have a place as a tool for building successful and ethical businesses. Hierarchical systems are gradually evolving towards flat matrices, participatory management and the use of collective intelligence.
  • Sens21 (2009 - ongoing): Managing Director. Fascinated to understand how people expand their responses so that we gain deeper insight into their attitudes and behaviours. Fathoming out what drives people’s decisions enables valuable insights into your products, your market and your customers.
  • Alpro NV (2008 - 2009): International Consumer Insights Manager
  • Keystone Network (1996 - 2008): Qualitative Research Director. Qualitative market research


  • Free University Brussels (VUB) (09/1992 - 06/1996): Master in Psychology - Labour- and Organisational Psychology
  • OLV Visitation (1988 - 1991): Graduate Teacher