Transformative Leadership experience: Impacting Romanian slums, Empowering personal growth

Create a positive impact on the harsh reality of the Romanian slums and use it as a catalyst for your personal and leadership development.

Connect with a group of likeminded leaders in a once-in-a-lifetime experience, connect with streetchildren and translate this experience to your personal context.

4,5 days of Training + 0,5 online reflection session
Iasi, Romania
For experienced leaders and entrepreneurs
€3,950 - Includes 4 nights accommodation. Flights not included. Eligible for subsidies.

Catalytic Street Engagement: Transforming Leaders, Transforming Lives

During this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you will connect with the reality on the street to make a positive impact. This process acts as a catalyst for deep self-reflection, strong personal connection and hands-on leadership training. We have 10 years of experience delivering this program in-company, now finally also available for individual subscription.

As part of our social impact, we reserve 2 seats at cost for social entrepreneurs or non-profits in each leadership programme. Contact us to apply for these seats!

Experience the incredible power of purpose driven leadership

  1. Authentic: Feel how authentic leadership builds trust, engagement and results.
  2. Inspiring: Be inspired by the talents on the street and inspire other around a common goal.
  3. Impact driven: Align your vision and strategy with positive social and organisational outcomes.
  4. Change-making: Experience how transformation and innovation take place by having a clear purpose

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Training dates
Reflection day
Summer 2024
Summer 2024
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What will you get out of it?

A life-changing experience, translated to your personal reality
Sharpen your personal ambitions to become a stronger leader
Define your action plan to transform your leadership ambitions into reality
Network with like-minded leaders from different industries
Inspiring and experienced facilitators
Higher learning curve and lessons that stick, thanks to experiental learning

How our clients describe their training

"Engaging, meaningful & fruitful. It put things in perspective.”

Alessandro Bianchi, Brand Director

"An extremely strong experience: forced out of comfort zone in a respectful way, building on competencies which are crucial in a fast evolving/changing world."

Bert Van Rompaey - Chief HR Officer

Meet our partner and host:
Save the Children Iasi

Embark on an immersive learning journey with street children at Iasi. Save the Children Iasi has been working with the Mobile School for more than 17 years, providing a beacon of empowerment for children in Iasi.

Together, we become a win-win-win-win!

WIN as a Leader

Purpose driven leaders are more self-aware, authentic and able to inspire others.

WIN as Save the Children Iasi

Through this partnership, Save the Children is able to invest in street children and their families bring real change to the lives of hundreds of children.

WIN as an Organisation

Better leaders guide their organisation to succes, including higher productivity, innovation and employee satisfaction.

WIN as a Streetkid

The StreetwiZe profits are reinvested in to guarantee a 360° positive impact on trainees, businesses and society.

A sneak-peak on the agenda

Day 1


  • Keynote
  • Introduction to the team challenge
  • Creating a receptive mindset
Day 2


  • Visit and explore the street environment
  • Work and play with street children
  • Visit and connect with street connected families
Day 3


  • Design thinking process: develop educational tools for Mobile School
  • Pitch a prototype to community stakeholders
  • Visit Iasi prison
Day 4


  • Build the educational tool you designed
  • Test your prototype on the streets
Day 5


  • Analyse and feedback on team and personal dynamics
  • Develop action plan to anchor learnings

The facilitators

Arnoud Raskin, co-founder of Mobile School and StreetwiZe, is an acclaimed social entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow, and author of "StreetwiZe: What Managers Can Learn from Street Children".

Bram brings experience as a thought leader in the field of change management, communication and leadership to the StreetwiZe team, as well as significant research in evidence-based management. Not to mention a great sense of humor.

Adi is a StreetSmart Wheels master trainer and leads the StreetSmart Wheels team of local partner Salvați Copiii Iași in Romania. Thanks to 15 years of experience in working with children in vulnerable situations, he has built an extensive understanding of how to implement and coordinate interventions for street-connected children with and without the mobile school.

What should you bring? Flights to Iasi. Everything else is included in the fee!

Included in the training fee:

  • Accommodation for five nights
  • Breakfast - lunch - dinner
  • Transport in and around Iasi
  • Training material

Not included in the training fee:

  • Flights to Iasi - Romania

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This expedition is eligible for subsidies

All our trainings are eligible for KMO-Portefeuille subsidies. Read more about the SME e-wallet, requirements, amounts and application procedures on Vlaio's website.

StreetwiZe develops high impact learning products for companies, inspired by the complex and competitive reality of street communities. With a unique combination of academic research, business insights and straight-forward street savviness, we support businesses and their employess to deal with change, develop leadership and foster well-being.

All StreetwiZe profits are reinvested in to guarantee a 360° positive impact on trainees, businesses and society.

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