Change Maker Leadership program: Guide your organisation to the future

Master the skills to guide your organisation through sytemic change, cultivating collective purpose, in a two-day offsite training program.

Connect with a group of likeminded leaders, deepen your change maker leadership skills and guide your organisation to the future.

2 days of Training + 0,5 reflection day
Geetbets, Belgium
For experienced leaders
€975 - Includes 1 night accommodation. Eligible for subsidies.

Mastering Change Maker Leadership: Foster systemic change, guide your organisation

As an experienced leader, you've already achieved remarkable success. Now, it's time to take your leadership to the next level. "Mastering Change Maker Leadership" will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and connections to lead with authenticity, impact, and influence.

This program is specifically designed for experienced leaders, who aspire to be catalysts for meaningful change, fostering innovation and growth with their organisation.  

Led by StreetwiZe co-founder Bram Doolaege, this two-day program in Geetbets, Belgium combines interactive sessions, personal reflection, group activities and a lot of fun for a transformative learning experience.

As part of our social impact, we reserve 2 seats at cost for social entrepreneurs or non-profits in each leadership programme. Contact us to apply for these seats!

Unleash your potential and acquire leadership skills to establish a great team culture

  1. Change Maker Leadership: drive meaningful transformations, fostering adaptability and progress within your organisation
  2. Innovation: lead your team in developing creative solutions to stay competitive and ahead of the curve
  3. Conflict Management: foster a harmonious work environment, resolve disputes constructively, and maintain team cohesion
  4. Leadership simulation: Together with a professional actor, we simulate real life experiences to practice the acquired leadership skills in a safe environment. Test and experience the result of your actions and choices.

Next expedition:

Training dates
Reflection day
Fall 2024
Fall 2024
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What will you get out of it?

Insights in your own strengths and development areas
Skill development in change maker leadership and conflict management
Reflection and feedback to support professional and personal growth
Simulation to bridge the training to real-life work context
A refreshing view on leadership
Networking opportunity with fellow participants

Discover the location

The Heerlijckyt Van Elsmeren is an original but also an exclusive meeting center with a unique and beautiful location. The estate with a castle, farm, ponds and parks is beautifully situated in Geetbets on the border of Flemish Brabant and Limburg.

A sneak-peak on the agenda

Day 1


  • Change Maker Leadership: systemic change
  • Change Maker Leadership: guiding your organisation
Day 2


  • Conflict management
  • Leadership simulation, supported by a professional business actor
Dag 3 - online


  • Reflect on personal and group experiences throughout the program
  • Share insights, discuss obstacles, and explore growth opportunities in a supportive online environment.


  • Discover how our individual coaching can powerfully complement your journey towards becoming an exceptional leader
  • With individual coaching, we offer personalised support tailored to your specific challenges and goals. It’s the perfect opportunity to address job-related issues head-on and achieve even more tangible results.

The facilitators

Bram brings experience as a thought leader in the field of change management, communication and leadership to the StreetwiZe team, as well as significant research in evidence-based management. Not to mention a great sense of humor.

Arnoud is the co-founder of Mobile School and StreetwiZe. He is an internationally recognised social entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow, and author of the book ‘StreetwiZe: What managers can learn from street kids”.

What should you bring? Absolutely nothing. Everything is included in the fee!

Included in the training fee:

  • Accommodation for one night
  • Breakfast - lunch - dinner
  • Training material

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This expedition is eligible for subsidies

All our trainings are eligible for KMO-Portefeuille subsidies. Read more about the SME e-wallet, requirements, amounts and application procedures on Vlaio's website.

StreetwiZe develops high impact learning products for companies, inspired by the complex and competitive reality of street communities. With a unique combination of academic research, business insights and straight-forward street savviness, we support businesses and their employess to deal with change, develop leadership and foster well-being.

All StreetwiZe profits are reinvested in to guarantee a 360° positive impact on trainees, businesses and society.

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