Explore StreetwiZe’s In-Company Corporate Training offer

We are your partner to tailor corporate training programmes that suit your specific needs and goals.

We co-create tailor-made learning paths with you to achieve your business objectives. In-company corporate trainings, large and small, to develop the right skills, mindset and culture for your employees, teams and organization that you need to grow sustainably. Discover our approach, training formats and training programmes here.

Our approach

  • Needs analysis
  • Design the learning track
  • Detailled and transparent offer
  • Development of custom topics
  • Intake by the lead trainer
  • Gather feedback from participants and client
  • Step-by-step, phased approach

Our training formats

  • Hands-on workshops and webinars
  • Science-based masterclasses
  • Inspirational keynotes
  • Team process facilitation
  • Immersive leadership expeditions
  • Intervision
  • Workfloor outreach & co-creation

Some examples of learning tracks we created for our clients

AG Insurance

IT Young Pro's

Onboarding future IT leaders



Taking the Lead

Strengthening People Managers for Sustainable Competitive Advantage


Daikin Europe

Workfloor Outreach

On-the-factory-floor personalised development and team support



First line Team Leaders

Tailoring training content and formats for blue collar leaders


Accenture Netherlands

Leadership fundamentals

Kick-starting leadership

Leadership development
For experienced consultants and beginner managers

Elia Group

Change management

Developing and implementing change management skills

Change management
Personal development
Project work
For change managers

Do you want more information about our in-company training offer?

Learning track design

Learning tracks are built based on your needs and goals. To guide us to design the solutions that fit your needs, we clustered our offer in 6 main categories: Inspire - Define - Lead - Commit - Connect - Deliver. All workshops and programmes combine heart (inspiration), head (insight) and hands (concrete actions and behaviour) to achieve maximum impact. You can find the workshop topics structured in the 6 categories, or consult our full Topic catalog.

Icon Inspire


Are you looking to spark inspiration and provoke deep thinking and self-reflection?

Use the inspiring keynotes of StreetwiZe founders, Arnoud Raskin and Bram Doolaege, as kick-off of a learning track or at a company event!

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Do you need to define or sharpen your purpose, mission and vision?

We guide leadership teams to set the framework, define, align and prepare implementation.

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Is your leadership prepared to head a future-proof organisation?

Through leadership training and immersive experciences, we empower leaders to explore their identities and aspirations, equiping them with the skills to transform these into reality.

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Are your employees ready to embrace and excel in your organisation's journey?

We help people with the skills and mindset that are needed to connect with the bigger organisation story.

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Do all your employees feel part of the same tribe?

Build a sense of belonging through constructive communication skills, empathic understanding of each other and the capacity to deal with the unevitable challenges along the way.

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Does your organisation deliver the expected goals?

Effectiveness, flexibility and a proactive commercial mindset are key to bringing your purpose to life as the driving force of a high performing organisation.

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StreetwiZe develops high impact learning products for companies, inspired by the complex and competitive reality of street communities. With a unique combination of academic research, business insights and straight-forward street savviness, we support businesses and their employess to deal with change, develop leadership and foster well-being.

All StreetwiZe profits are reinvested in MobileSchool.org to guarantee a 360° positive impact on trainees, businesses and society.

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